Horsemanship: it's understanding and caring for horses, anticipating and dealing with challenges, creating the right environment so that horses and people both thrive.

Our horsemanship lessons help you to become a confident, skillful rider, working at your pace, on horses that are chosen for your level of skill. But beyond simply riding, you'll build an understanding of horses-how they think and behave. As you progress, you'll learn care and feeding, common ailments, herd behavior, trailering and transportation, and caring for tack.

Individualized Lessons; Personalized Instruction

Our students start out bareback, and quickly learn to feel the horse's gaits and moods, to hold on with their thighs, and to become one with the horse. It's harder than it sounds, and gives excellent results! We've noticed that they progress much faster than those who only ride in a saddle. This is true for new riders of all ages. Soon, you'll be loping around the arena bareback, without a bridle or a halter, but still controlling the horse and keeping your seat!

We take only a few students and give them personalized individual lessons to ensure their experience is as rewarding as possible. (Minimum age for our lessons is 13 years.)

Lessons are flexible, lasting up to 1 hour depending on the student's strength, stamina, and level of interest. Arena time is the first part of this, but as students progress it is emphasized less and less; the rest is riding on the hills and flats of the property, caring for the horse and related "learnings". Eldon is the primary instructor in the arena, and members of our ranch family assist in the arena, stables, and pasture.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do lessons last? 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your strength, stamina, interest, and available time. Generally, your legs will give out first while you're new to riding, but you are welcome to stay around and help out with the horses, observe other activities, or talk with us to keep on learning.
  • How is the time spent? Up to 1 hour of arena and/or trail riding; remainder of time in "learnings" that prepare you gradually for owning and caring for your own horse.
  • Any age restrictions? As of May, 2001, we are no longer accepting new students under 13. Other than that, anyone 13 years of age or older with a good sense of balance!
  • Can I drop off my child and pick him/her up later? Parents must be present when children under 18 are riding with us.
  • Any other restrictions? We do ask that you do not have any existing health condition that may impair your ability to ride.
  • Can I ride with my friend/parent/child/partner? We give individual lessons, to make sure each student gets the maximum benefit, and for safety purposes. However, you can take separate turns in the arena and then ride together on the property.
  • What should students wear? Shorts are required for bareback riding (we'll ask you to ride barefoot also). Shorts should be comfortable and not restrict your movement. Bicycle shorts or any other slippery material are forbidden. When you start riding in a saddle you can wear good fitting jeans and cowboy boots.
  • What about helmets? We suggest, but do not require, helmets for adults. Minors must wear helmets.
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