To all you horses out there: Are you looking for a change of scenery? Is your current "neigh"-borhood just not what it used to be? Geldings, are you tired of the pushy mare next door? Mares, are you tired of that leering stallion always trying to put the moves on you?

Well, you're in luck! The exclusive Rancho Polhemus now has limited boarding available. A couple of our long-time residents have moved out of the Bay Area, and we now have stalls available. These comfortable, single-occupant, down-home accommodations include a roomy indoor enclosure for those cold winter nights and a connected outdoor pipe corral for those lazy summer days. And, for your discerning human, some stalls also come with a private tack room where they can keep all of your favorite treats.

Sounds good you say? Wait, there's more! Not only will you be fed twice daily, but there is also a full-time on-site human to take care of any of your special needs. For those of you mares (and geldings) who like shoes and pedicures, we have an outstanding farrier who visits weekly. There is plenty of property for you and your human to explore, and, should you want to go further, local trails are within trotting distance.

If this sounds interesting to you - and we dare say it does - have your human give Eldon a call @ 650-773-8580. Space is limited and not expected to last long.

© Eldon Kelley 2015